Primetime is Immanuel's adult Bible study that takes place on Sunday nights. We start by having dinner together as a church and then we break into our class. This semester we will offer 3 classes starting with a meal at 5pm and classes beginning at 5:30.

Starts Sunday February 17th- Ends Sunday March 17th

 Join one of the 3 classes being offered this Spring.

Book of Ephesians - Various teachers will unpack this deeply theological book, pulling out consistent concepts and themes.


Cultures in Conflict- A Video Series led by Pastor Bill Oakley will cover the culture of Christ and how it conflicts with what we see in every day life. How do we live as Believers in our culture today?

Israel is Forever - Charles McCracken will lead a study covering God's promises to Israel in the Bible while sharing stories and truths of this great nation.  Join them to learn about God's people.